Enchanted by the skill development revolution in the country ?

1. Are you interested in getting into Skill development ?
2. Would you want to be a part of a large brand MS network ?
3. Are you seeking funding for expansion of your existing centre ?

If you have the passion and entrepreneurial drive, partner with our Skill India Partner Plan or start a new centre.

Become a Partner

With huge gap for skilled manpower in the country, setting up a vocational training institute in the country can be a rewarding as well as an immensely satisfying experience. The growth opportunity in the vocational training sectors huge and the sector is receiving support from both the industry as well as the government.

M.S.E-SOLUTIONS offers you the opportunity to gain from our experience. We invite you to become a Skill India Partner for setting up Vocational Training institutes.

1. Get access to M.S.E-SOLUTIONS’s expertise in setting up Vocational Training Centre.
2. Manage your centres effectively through the MSES Centre Management tool.
3. Multiply the benefits to your students by allowing them unmatched career opportunities through nation’s leading skill exchange portal.
4. Get the brand name of M.S.E-SOLUTIONS, one of the largest skill development network in the country.

M.S.E-SOLUTIONS’s Skill India Partner Plan

M.S.E-SOLUTIONS is setting up a network of skill development centres across the country. Each such vocational training centre needs to have a localized flavor and choice of skills to be trained. We bring into play our expertise in training students and trainers, assessments, technology and a strong brand when you join the Skill India Partner Plan. We assist you each step of the way, from choosing the location, planning the courses to be delivered, developing the infrastructure, hiring trainers and developing your faculty, acquiring a steady student base, and building your centre’s brand.

Each of our courses have been aligned to meet the standards prescribed by accreditation agencies such as NCVT, SCVT, BSS, and other course specific standard. We conduct ‘Trainer-the-trainer” program for your faculty, orient your team on the management tools, help you improve the overall effectiveness of your programs by analyzing performance data, and focus on improve the quality of the program.

Revenue Streams for a SIPP Vocational Training Centre

A vocational training centre gets revenue from multiple streams including, training revenue from students, share in placement revenue and by conducting training programs and consulting assignments at local corporate organizations and government agencies.

Partner Benefits

Propel your skill development business and entrepreneurial drive to the next level with the Skill India Partner Plan.

Train-the-trainer and Franchise Development

Our Training Framework helps standardize processes and effectively deliver the training process. Our train-the-trainer programs are designed to help entrepreneurs launch new centres as well as create additional training delivery capacity.
Not only do we exercise rigor in assessing the trainers, but also empower them with additional competencies on developing content, quality control principles, management of training centres and M.S.E-SOLUTIONS’s proprietary tools.

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